Monday, April 25, 2016

I know I have been M.I.A for a while, but that's because I've finally moved into my own apartment! And it took me about two weeks after to get the internet setup. But now everything is sorted out. Let me show you guys what I've done with the place so far. Mind you I don't have any real furniture yet. I'll get that at some point. I have an air mattress and that's good enough for now. It's definitely better than sleeping on a love seat!

So I guess I'll start with the living room. All I have in there right now is my comic shelf and I've started on my "Great Wall". Basically my great wall is a wall full of framed comics. And not just any comics, shiny ones! I love collecting shiny comics and I always said that if I had my own place that I would frame them and hang them on the wall.

Next, I have the kitchen. There's not much to show for it except for my wine bottle collection (if you can't tell, I have a problem with collecting things). Let me add in that I acquired all these over a period of time. I'm in no way and alcoholic. I just like wine bottles. Most of them weren't very good anyway. For some reason I kept getting the bitter ones like Pinot Noir. Moscato was really good, but
I don't think there was enough alcohol in it.
Lastly, I have the bathroom. It's still a work in progress. I'm almost done with it but I need a shower curtain valance and a black bath mat. And yes, it's a batman bathroom. I pay bills, I pay rent, and if I want a batman bathroom, then I"m gonna have a batman bathroom!

And that's my place so far! I don't have any pictures of the bedroom because for one, it's a mess. and two, there's nothing really great in it. I haven't got my posters up yet because I'm still figuring out where furniture is gonna go. But when I figure it out, I'll show you. Until then, remember to keep it geek!

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